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Pauline Stoneman

Pauline Stoneman

Senior Travel Consultant

Call: 01580 764344


A little bit about me…I started in the Tenterden branch in 2004 and moved to Sevenoaks in 2017. Having worked in this industry for many years, I’ve seen many changes, including how different countries go in and out of fashion. I’ve noticed this change because I’ve travelled to many of them, both as a holiday or on work familiarisation trips.

Probably my favourite trips have been Thailand, Australia, Seychelles and the Caribbean, where I’ve visited nine of the islands. A firm favourite for both me and my husband is the ‘BodyHoliday’ in Saint Lucia, where they advocate ‘Give us your body for a week and we’ll give you back your mind ’. After three visits now I can vouch that it works!

My passion for travel will never leave me, and that goes for having the passion to organise my client’ travel arrangements, whether for a short city break or an involved tailor-made trip of a lifetime. I love nothing more than getting out maps and timetables to piece everything together, making sure my clients get a holiday that suits them and ends up exceeding their expectations. Attention to detail is my motto!

My other love is being in the fresh air, walking the countryside here in the UK, especially in North Cornwall, where we seem to end up every year even if it’s just for a long weekend.

My 3 favourite destinations are;

  1.  Caribbean
  2.  Seychelles
  3.  Mallorca


Where next? Sri Lanka is on my list for our next big trip, but I would also like to squeeze in a city break to either Stockholm or Seville.

My top travel tip when packing: look at your clothes to take, then halve it!

My dream destination would be New Zealand, but I need to retire first to have the time to do this justice.