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Meet the team

Lance Fougere

Lance Fougere

Senior Travel Consultant
Tunbridge Wells

Call: 01892 511999


I joined Baldwin’s in 2019, and have been in travel on an off for over 20 years. My passion is selling holidays and travel, and I’ve lived in New York, Italy and Trinidad & Tobago for a year or so at a time, so I know these destinations well. I have been to most places in the world apart from South America, which is on my list to travel to as I have sent so many people there. I love Italy and Italian food and have even driven to most parts of the country as well.

My favourite destination is:


Where next?

I have a cruise going around Italy in May and ending up in Venice, a city I love.

Travel, my way:

  • My top travel tip…speak to someone that has been to the destination before you book.
  • I never travel without… wet wipes!
  • My dream destination would be…Bora Bora

Destination Expertise


I love Cuba and have been to most places and most of the tours, from Havana to Beach, Cuba is in the Caribbean but is not as expensive as most of the other Islands. The people of Cuba make the Island and the warmth and hospitality is second to none. Accommodation varies and it’s not always perfect, but it is Cuba and they will always give you what they have.

My Recommendations


Sightseeing in Havana plus Cuba Beach Vibe

7 Nights

Bed & Breakfast

3 Nights B&B and 4 Nights All-Inclusive! Save £210 Per Person!

Price from £1649

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