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Meet the team

Jacqui Nocton

Jacqui Nocton

Senior Travel Consultant

Call: 01732 351223


I’ve lived in the Caribbean and on the East Coast USA, and before joining Baldwins in 2018 I worked in London in incoming student travel for over 15 years. Traveling from an early age, I grew up with a passion for travel and have been lucky enough to have visited many places including Asia, Australia, USA, Caribbean, India, Africa and many spots in Europe.

As well as long haul adventures, I love nothing more than packing a carry-on bag and heading off on a city break for a few days, my latest was a trip to Madrid – a lot of tapas and a lot of fun! I thoroughly enjoyed organising worldwide gap years for both my children and am thrilled to have joined Baldwins Tonbridge. My other big passions are running and yoga; I had an amazing time in India training and qualifying as a yoga teacher in 2015.

 My 3 favourite destinations are;

  1. Vietnam
  2. Australia
  3. Italy


Where next? Having explored and loved the north and south of Croatia, it’s now time to venture next door, so I’m heading into Montenegro. Then in the autumn, it’s further afield to Japan, where I am super-excited to travel on the Bullet Train!

 My top travel tip: keep hydrated at all times.

I never travel without my headphones.

Ask me about the time when I swallowed a 100-year-old egg!

My dream destination would be where there is yoga on tap 24/7.

Book with me, because I will be as enthusiastic as you are about getting the best out of your trip.

My best ever holiday was a trip through Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand; after a guided cycle through the city, I took a Thai cookery class – a perfect day!

On a menu, I always go for the vegetarian option.

My travel superpower would be to arrive anywhere in the world and be able to communicate fluently in their language.

My dream travel companion would be a cashmere wrap with matching cashmere socks!