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Meet the team

Gemma Hall

Gemma Hall

Senior Travel Consultant  

Call: 01622 762141  


A little bit about me…

I have been with the Baldwins Travel “family” since 2002, and I’ve worked in our Sevenoaks and Tonbridge branches. Prior to this, I worked at Thomas Cook for three years, where I gained my qualification in travel and tourism and customer services. After a short break to have my little girl Harper, I returned to work part-time in our Maidstone office. I have been very fortunate to have travelled further afield: in Australia, Western Canada, Namibia, Maldives, Sri Lanka and Mauritius to name a few. Closer to home I’ve been to The Algarve, Malta, Rome and Sardinia. While I’m on my travels, I love to experience local food, making memories and taking in the local feel. Some of my most memorable trips were when I had cuddles with Koalas on Hamilton Island, saw the Tasmanian Devils, went quad biking in the Namibian Desert and went through the icefields in British Colombia. Just a few of some amazing travel experiences.

My 3 favourite destinations are;

  1. 1. Tasmania
  2. 2. Mauritius
  3. 3. Namibia

Where next?...

La Cala and Costa Del Sol (holiday with my little girl staying with my folks – home from home)

My top travel tips…slippers on a long flight.

I never travel without my daughter

My best ever holiday was Goa – my honeymoon.

On a menu, I always go for the cocktail of the day.

My travel superpower would be no jetlag.

My dream travel companion would be James Corden.