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Bettina McCue

Bettina McCue

Assistant Manager

Call: 01732 351223


A little bit about me…I joined Baldwins Travel in 1989 having previously worked in Greece taking in incoming tour reservations and as a tour rep. My hobbies include travelling, running, cycling and the outdoors generally. I also play the piano and love my garden!

I have travelled extensively, gaining expertise in numerous destinations including Argentina, South Africa, Canada, Sri Lanka, Colorado, Antigua, Florida, City breaks and Europe. I have family in Germany and have spent a great deal of time out there especially in the Cologne/Bonn region, including experiencing the Christmas markets.

My 3 favourite destinations are;

  1. Canada
  2. Sri Lanka
  3. South Africa


Where next? I’m very excited to be flying out to Vietnam in November this year for a holiday of a lifetime. During my trip some of the adventures I will be experiencing will be trekking in the mountains, cruising in Halong Bay, cycling across the paddy fields, and cruising the Hoi An pass on a motorbike!

My top travel tip: embrace the culture and destination.

I never travel without my hair straighteners.

Ask me about the time when I flew in a helicopter over the Rocky Mountains.

My dream destination would be anywhere I have not travelled before.

Book with me because I am enthusiastic and thorough.

On a menu, I always go for fish.