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Cruise holidays for 2019/20

What do you think of when you think of cruise holidays? Transatlantic cruises in 5-star luxury? Or something more intimate – a romantic river cruise or an impressive yacht? Soaking up the sun, sights and sounds of the Caribbean or Mediterranean, or hunting for the Northern Lights? Or perhaps your idea of the perfect cruise holiday is something completely different.

Cruise is one of the fastest growing areas in travel, and also one of the most innovative. New ships are appearing on the horizon all the time, offering a huge range of different cruise deals. All-inclusive cruises are, for obvious reasons, one of the most popular packages, but it’s equally possible to enjoy a cruise that gives you the opportunity to sample local delicacies wherever you put into port.

If you’ve never thought about cruise holidays (or have, but don’t think it’s for you) our travel experts at Baldwins Travel would encourage you to try a cruise at least once. The key to finding your ideal cruise holiday is to speak to our cruise champions to help you navigate through the different styles, ships and itineraries to find something that will complement your particular travel preferences. Pick the right cruise, and we guarantee that your first experience won’t be your last. If you're looking for some inspiration, then click here to view our online brochure rack.

Call, email or drop in to see us at your local high street travel agent, or use the Baldwins Travel Cruise Search to find your perfect cruise holiday today.

Baldwins Travel Cruise Search